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Payden & Rygel: More About Metzler/Payden

A Joint Venture
Metzler/Payden is a US-based investment management firm, established to meet the needs of both, institutional and retails investors alike for international diversification. The firm fuses the experience of independent partners Metzler Bank and Payden & Rygel, enabling the unique exchange of expertise, research, and ideas across the Atlantic.

  50/50 joint venture between Payden & Rygel and Metzler Bank
  Established in 1998 under the 1940 Investment Company Act
<empty>  Headquartered in Los Angeles
<empty>  Offering fixed income and equity investment strategies


Investment Philosophy

With no conflicts of interest, Metzler/Payden is solely accountable to its clients.

Team approach. Disciplined investment process.
The firm employs a disciplined team approach that exploits the collective wisdom of a highly qualified group of professionals. The Metzler/Payden team interacts on a day-to-day basis at each level of the investment process, including research, strategy, trading, accounting and operations.

Shared knowledge. Global perspective.
The joint venture allows clients to benefit from the combined experience of investment authorities, Metzler Bank and Payden & Rygel. The exchange of expertise, ideas and views from different parts of the world is essential to identifying the most attractive asset classes and constructing efficient portfolios.

Proprietary research
Clients receive direct access to the expertise and research capabilities of both Metzler Bank and Payden & Rygel.

Local relationship
While client portfolios benefit from the wealth of knowledge and different perspectives that Metzler/Payden's global team provides, relationships are handled locally. US-based account relationships are managed from the firm's headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

About the parents
Established in 1674, Metzler Bank is one of Europe’s oldest independent financial institutions. Experienced and dedicated analysts perform thorough research that includes regular visits to the countries and companies within the investment universe. Metzler's portfolio management team is located in Frankfurt, Germany and the firm currently manages US $40 billion in assets.

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